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​​​​Greyhounds Reach the Beach®  is an event for greyhound and sighthound owners held every Columbus Day weekend in the ocean side communities of Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  

The event celebrates our greyhounds, creates awareness of the need for foster and adoptive homes, and raises some funds to support greyhound adoption.

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Greyhounds Reach the Beach® has been managed by The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., since 2015.   It features speakers, vendors, a Blessing of the Hounds and lots of activities throughout the area.    Those who register to attend have all their dogs covered for the Dewey Beach "dog license."  

This event brings greyhound owners and their hounds together to celebrate their lives with greyhounds.  The event features top speakers from the greyhound and sighthound world, including behaviorists, veterinarians, counselors, adoption professionals, and international breed experts.    The event features over fifty vendors in many locations in the Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach area along with food, special events, an ice cream social for the hounds, and more.

We suggest that those who plan to attend the event pre-register so that 1) your dogs will be covered by our dog licensing agreement with the Town of Dewey Beach and 2) you will receive a lengthy E-booklet a couple weeks before the event so that you can plan your weekend (or week) for speakers, vendors and activities.  The E-booklet lists planned activities, speakers, seminars, vendors who will be at the event, event schedules, and more.  You may pre-register on this site at Registration.

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Greyhounds Reach the  Beach®

                                 October 10-13, 2019                                      It's all about the greyhounds.©         

Greyhounds Reach the Beach® is the registered trademark of The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc.    The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., our parent corporation, is a Delaware corporation registered to do business as Greyhounds Reach the Beach® in all three Delaware counties.  It is also an IRS approved 501(c)3 charity benefiting greyhounds and sighthounds.  In 2015, the Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., through its work in running greyhound events, donated over $20,000 to greyhound and sighthound adoption groups and to the Greyhound Health Initiative.  Our primary focus over the years is to support greyhound adoption by donating just about all the money we raise, after expenses, to various participating 501(c)3 greyhound/sighthound adoption groups.

A Musical Montage   Please check out the new love song montage of photos from the beach done by our official 2015 event photographers, Balance Photographers of Catonsville, Maryland.     Don't watch without a tissue!


Photos courtesy of Balance Photography, Catonsville, MD

During the Middle Ages, and into the Renaissance, Greyhounds achieved a status in art equal to their status in life.  They were pampered, adored and highly valued.  Against all odds, Greyhounds rose from the ashes of civilization to be recognized, as they were in ancient times, as a source of beauty, devotion, and inspiration.  Unfortunately, the allure of Greyhounds today is focused mainly on their athletic ability.  And although this dog's gift of speed is remarkable, you cannot help but wonder if we haven't lost sight of some of the magic that Greyhounds have possessed for thousands of years.

  -- from Cynthia Branigan's The Reign of the Greyhound (Hoboken, NJ:         Wiley Publishing, 2004)  All rights reserved.