We learned that the gal who was coming to speak about the Candy Cane Rescue greyhounds will not be able to attend.

We plan to have a number of great speakers this October including

Dr. Dr. Noe Reyes, Chief Medical Officer, ELIAS Animal Health who will speak on a breakthrough in immunotherapy treatment for greyhounds with osteosarcoma.

Jennifer Saker, who runs the Greyhound Amber Alert facebook page, will speak on preventing and finding lost greyhounds.

Paul Noia who will speak on the virtues of CBD products which are being used in many aspects of life for humans and animals

Christine Stinger will discuss issues related to feeding sighthounds a raw diet.

Jane Fowler, a rep from Pets Global will talk about the health benefits of the numerous varieties of kibble made by Pets Global (Zignature brand).

Elaine Knuth will speak about the dogs helped by Desert Hound Express Foundation and their work in finding homes for salukis.

Carol Becker will speak about what she expects to happen with the greyhounds who will be thrown out of a job by the end of greyhound racing in Florida in December, 2020.

Cassidy Grunninger of Dunner Law PLLC, in Washington D.C., will do a presentation for us on trademark and copyright law.  Any small business people should consider attending. 

Scooby   We are working hard to bring a speaker directly from Scooby in Spain to speak about their work with galgos.

More to come.  Watch this space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't Everything be in Dewey Beach?  This brings up a suggestion we hear from time to time from the "old timers."  Why can't we have the event, with vendors, speakers and registration, all in Dewey Beach like we used to do?  To answer this question, you have to understand how the little town of Dewey Beach has changed from 1995 until today.

History  From 1995 to 2008 the event was managed by The Greyhound Project.   It was held in tents, parking lots and restaurants around the Town of Dewey Beach.  After a nor'easter blew down the vendor tents in 2007, the Greyhound Project decided to stop managing the event.  The reasons were eloquently expressed and had to do with the development of condos and hotels in Dewey Beach which diminished open areas or restaurants where the event could be held.  They also cited the difficulty of obtaining liability insurance after the tents blew down.  Thus the event officially "left" Dewey Beach with the Greyhound Project in 2008 due to the lack of available space.

Today, ten years later, Dewey Beach still offers very few suitable options for hosting the event.  We have combed through the parking lots and businesses of Dewey Beach to find a location.  We have checked with parking lot owners and real estate experts.  We have spoken to Town officials.  Condos have taken over much of the open space of the town.  Space is at a premium.  A small home in Dewey Beach will sell for over a million dollars. There is much less room now for the event than there was in 2008 when the Greyhound Project decided the town could no longer support the event.  Businesses do not want to give up their parking lot.  Many businesses do not allow dogs.

The Hyatt Place in downtown DB, perhaps the one space that is large enough to host the event, offered us a reasonable price for their modest meeting room for 2018.  Their ballrooms, after remodeling, are now priced at $10,000 each ... not for the week but for one day.    Not a realistic option for a charity trying to help greyhounds. 

With our securing the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center as our host location for 2019, all these concerns about where to hold the event in Dewey Beach have disappeared.  Our vendors do not have to buy an annual vendor license for $109 as they had to do in Dewey Beach.  We do not have to buy a business license for the event.

The Summer is Over So Things Should be Cheap

Those who think the summer tourist season is over by Labor Day, and that we should be able to get bargains everywhere, are misinformed.  Prices at hotels and restaurants can be very high at this time of year.   October is peak wedding season for this beach resort, particularly for the Washington, D.C. crowd.  Compared to Washington, D.C., Dewey Beach prices are a bargain.    In 2018, there were auto races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Dover Speedway.  This competition for accommodations impacts area hotel availability and prices.

​Survey Results

E-Booklet  We asked whether or not the E-Booklet was helpful in planning your weekend.  83% of respondents felt the E-Booklet was helpful.  5.5% felt that they glanced at it but it wasn't all that helpful.  About 8% offered a comment.

Several people in past surveys said they wanted the E-Booklet sooner, more than a week to ten days before the event.  The fact is, information is changing right up to the beginning of the event.  Speakers can change their minds or new speakers could decide to respond to invitations posed months earlier.  Vendors cancel or decide to attend.  Hotels get new owners and change policies.  A booklet produced a month early would be even less accurate than the booklet we create now.  We do post regular changes to the event on this Updates page so that people have new and changing information ahead of time.  Printing the E-Booklet even earlier would not help people get more accurate and correct information.

Traffic  Some folks complained that the traffic at the beach is very heavy, especially on Rt. 1.  As we indicated above, the beach is very popular at the beginning of October.   We wish there was less traffic but we unfortunately don't have that power.

Schedule Communication  Some folks wanted better communication about the event schedule.  We send out an E-booklet with a great deal of information a week before the event.  We also handed out a double-sided sheet at the registration table with schedule information.  That said, we think we can do a better job of make the schedule clearer within one section of the booklet.  Some folks said there were too many things going on for a four day weekend.  Part of the beauty of this event is that while you can't do everything, you get to chose what you do.

New GRtB 25th Anniversary Shirts

Our new Greyhounds Reach the Beach® anniversary shirts are designed and ready for 2019!  We are accepting pre-event custom orders for the exact shirt you want until about September 7th.  After that, it's pot luck!

The spectacular wrap-around design features six color printing of Linda K. Evans' classic greyhound design on a navy blue all-cotton Gildan shirt from front to back. 

This design below can be printed on a short-sleeved or a long sleeved shirt for you.  Your choice. 

The design on each is identical.  You may also select a universal cut shirt or a ladies cut shirt.  Sizes range from small to 5XL.

Don't wait to order.  Once we place our order (about September 7th) then all that's left are some extra shirts we order, which may or may not be in your size and style.  Save shipping costs by picking up your shirt at the event.

Advance orders are now closed.  Some shirts will be available for sale at the event but try to buy early (Weds or Thurs) as we expect to sell out.

2019 Greyhounds Reach the Beach® Updates!

October 9-13, 2019​​

Scroll down for updates.

Greyhounds Reach the Beach® is a  registered trademark of The  Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc.  The trademark refers to the greyhound event begun in 1995, and held in Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for four days every Columbus Day weekend.   Managed by The Greyhound Project for many years, the event is now managed by The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., a Delaware registered, IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit Delaware corporation established for the benefit of greyhounds and other sighthounds.  

All proceeds from The Grapehound Wine Tour® event in New York and the Greyhounds Reach the Beach® event in Delaware go to pay for event costs and  the balance donated to participating 501(c)3 greyhound adoption organizations so that they may transport, vet, and place adopted greyhounds from race tracks around the country.  No officer or member of our Board of Directors receives any money whatsoever for our volunteer services.

Greyhounds Reach the  Beach®

                                 October 10-13, 2019                                      It's all about the greyhounds.©         

Type your paragraph here.

​​​​The Dewey Goes Pink race for breast cancer usually takes place in downtown Dewey during our weekend every year.  We support the race's efforts to fight breast cancer. 

This year the race takes place a week before GRtB on October 6th.  The race will not impact our event at all this year.


Our gorgeous Greyhounds Reach the Beach® logo was designed by greyhound artist Linda K. Evans of East Clarendon, Vermont.  Linda will be exhibiting her art at the rehoboth Beach Convention center this October with about forty other top greyhound vendors.

Donations for 2018     Our expenses were very high in 2018 but we were able to raise about $8,500 for greyhound adoption.  Thank you for your help is supporting greyhound adoption!

2018 proceeds were donated to

Greyhound Pet Adoption of Delaware (Newark, DE)
Forever Home Greyhound Adoption (Middleburg, NY)
God's Greyts (Orlando, FL)
Midwest Greyhound Adoption (Sugar Grove, IL)
​Virginia Greyhound Adoption (Mechanicsville, VA)

Update 9/10   Our shirts are ordered.  They will be shipped to us here in Pennsylvania on September 16th so we should receive them and begin mailing them out about September 20-21.

The printing company found that the Haines ladies cut shirts were not the right proportions for printing our wrap-around logo.  We have changed the ladies cut shirts to comparable 100% cotton navy blue shirts made by Port & Company.   The universal cut shirts are still Gildan.

Temporary Policy from Delaware Division of Health about Dogs on Restaurant Decks 

[The Delaware Division of Health recently suspended -- and then reinstated -- its policy of allowing dogs on restaurant patios and decks for restaurants which choose to allow dogs.  Here is their newest update to this policy.

Revised 8-19-2019] 

Animals and Food Establishments

Information for Food Establishment Permit Holders and Persons-in-Charge

Question:  As the permit holder or person-in-charge of a food establishment, can my customers bring their dog or other animals into the interior of a food establishment?

Answer:     No, the State of Delaware Food Code, in chapter 6 section 501.115 titled “Prohibiting Animals” prohibits animals in food establishments. The restrictions apply to live animals. Only in specific situations (such as the use of service animals) and under controlled conditions are live animals permitted inside a food establishment. The reasons for the restrictions include, but are not limited to:  Animals carry disease-causing organisms and can transmit pathogens to humans through direct and/or indirect contamination of food and food contact surfaces.  Animals shed hair continuously and may deposit liquid or fecal waste, creating the need for more frequent and
rigorous cleaning efforts.

​Question: As the permit holder or person-in-charge of a food establishment, can my customers bring their dog to the outdoor area of a restaurant?

Answer: While it is prohibited, the Division of Public Health (DPH) food safety inspection officers will not strictly enforce this provision of the Food Code until further discussions can take place. DPH will
provide updated guidance by the end of 2019. If food stablishment owners elect to allow dogs in outdoor areas in the meantime, it is recommended they follow Industry Best Practices.

Industry Best Practices 

Food establishments are allowed to restrict dogs from outdoor dining areas.  ​There should be separate access to the outdoor area; no dog should pass through any interior area of a restaurant.

There should be no food storage or preparation in the outdoor area. This includes beverage stations and food stations, such as raw oyster bars. Dogs may be allowed in outdoor areas with bars, but customers with dogs should not be seated directly at the bar.

​There should be conspicuous signage posted at each entrance to the outdoor area that notifies all consumers that dogs may be present in the area.
​There should be written policies, available for review upon request, describing food establishment procedures for the safe and sanitary cleaning of surfaces and materials soiled by urine, fecal, vomitus matter, etc. The food establishment’s existing vomit and diarrhea clean up procedures may be utilized.
Exclude any dog that is not well controlled by its owner or handler. Dogs should be on a leash and not socialize with other diners or employees, unless welcomed.

 Dogs are not allowed on chairs or tables.

 Dogs are not permitted to eat or drink out of restaurant glasses or dishes. Single use bowls should be provided upon request. Disposable bowls should never be placed on tables, chairs, or food contact surfaces.

 Food establishments should revise food employee hand washing policies to include additional hand washing after any contact with dogs and/or their disposable dishes.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry Discount

Each year we set up a discount on the Cape May Ferry for our greyhound participants.   You may reserve your trip for the dates between October 5th and October 14, inclusive.

Please mention Greyhounds Reach the Beach  and cite
Group Customer Number –

Travelling between October 5th and October 14th.  Departure times TBD

Your one-way discounted prices are below

  • $23.00 standard vehicle w/driver
  • $5.00 passengers age 14yrs and older

The standard cost of the ferry in October is $35.00 for vehicle and passenger and $10 for each additional passenger over 14 years old.

So there is a nice savings in this discount.  Typically a driver and passenger would cost $45 for a one way trip;  with this discount it's only $28, a $17 savings each way.