Advanced registration has now closed.  You may register in person at Hyatt Place hotel, 1301 Coastal Highway, from 7-9PM Wednesday evening (10/3) or 11AM-5PM  Thursday, Friday or Saturday (10/4-6).

E-Booklets with detailed information about Greyhounds Reach the Beach® 2018 have been emailed out to all registrants.  If you have not received you E-Booklet and you registered, send an email with the word Booklet in the subject line to  Please print your E-Booklet or at least the parts important to you.

 Our registration activi​ties, Silent Auction and speakers will be at Hyatt Place Hotel in Dewey Beach.  We also plan evening social events at Hyatt on Wednesday evening at the Hyatt and on Saturday evening for our Greyhounds in Art show.   

Sun Otter Tours will offer two tours each on Friday and Saturday.  Tours will leave and return to Hyatt Place.  Details in our E-Booklet for all those who are registered.

Carol Becker is in the House!  Carol will once again be trimming doggie nails at Greyhounds Reach the Beach®.  More details to come.

Crabby Dick's in in the house!  Crabby Dick's seafood restaurant in Rehoboth Bech is once again donating 10% of all GRtB folks' checks to greyhound adoption.  Monies will go to Gods Greyts, Forever Home Greyhound Adoption and Delaware Greyhound Pet Adoptions.  last year they donated well over $1,000!

Hyatt Place still has some rooms available.  The room prices get better if you stay longer.  Gold Leaf Hotel (formerly Best Western) and AmericInn by Wyndham also have rooms.

Salty Paws Ice Cream  We have worked out an arrangement with Salty Paws, a new dog ice cream store in Rehoboth, to get your greyhound a free ice cream treat.

Sun Otter Tours for Human and Hound  We also have two bus tours planned for greyhounds and owners on Friday and Saturday, one to Milton and one to Lewes, both of which end at a pub for lunch or dinner.  Detailed tour descriptions are available at   Tours are $49 for one hounrs and one human, discounted $10 more for those who are registered for GRtB.

​Our Beer & Biscuit Mixer will be held at Diego's Hideaway in Rehoboth Beach on Thursday evening.  They are 100% dog friendly.  (Minors however are not allowed in bars in Delaware.) If you can't get there on Thursday evening for any reason, you may use your coupon for a free beer at Diego's Hideaway anytime on Friday or Saturday.  

Greyhounds in Art at the Hyatt  We are looking for experienced or budding artists who would like to be part of our Greyhounds in Art show on Saturday evening.  Please contact us at if you are interested in showing off your art this year!

Ferry Discount  We have established a discount for using the Cape May Lewes Ferry again for October 2018.   Discounts are set for any days of travel between October 1 and October 10th.  You may call to make your reservation at 1-800-643-3779.  Refer to our coupon code CN108434 when making your reservation.

Our discounted rate is $21.75 for car and driver one way.  (Regular October rates are $44 for vehicle and driver.)  Each passenger 14 or older is $7.50.  Children 6-13 years old are $3.50 each, younger children are free.

Lots more to come.​

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​​​​The Dewey Goes Pink race for breast cancer takes place in downtown Dewey during our weekend every year.  They begin closing the Coastal Highway down to one lane about 10AM for the 11 AM race on Saturday, october 6th.  

Avoid the congested roads and plan to shop the vendors at Hyatt Place Hotel on Saturday morning!

We teamed up with greyhound artist and illustrator Kent Roberts to design a fantastic greyhound adoption cap.  A greyhound in a classic sitting pose framed against the setting sun.   Make a statement about what dogs you love with this striking greyhound cap.  All proceeds go to greyhound adoption groups.

Greyhounds Reach the Beach® is completed for 2017!

Payouts  Did you eat at Crabby Dick's in 2017  to help the greyhounds?  Well, it worked!  Crabby Dicks donated $1,058 to greyhound adoption for the meals you bought!  We have already paid out this money to God's Greyts (Orlando, FL), Greyhound Pets of America-Delaware (Newark, DE), and Forever Home Greyhound Adoption (Middleburg, NY) to bring more greyhounds home from the track!

In addition, we raised about $9,700 more (after expenses) from T-shirt, hat and car magnet sales and from registration fees.  This money will also be donated to busy greyhound adoption groups, including

  • Forever Home Greyhound Adoption (Middleburg, NY)
  • God's Greyts Greyhound Group, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
  • Virginia Greyhound Adoption (Mechanicsburg, VA)
  • Midwest Greyhound Adoption (Sugar Grove, IL), and
  • Greyhound Pets of America-Delaware (Newark, DE). 

Thank you for your support to help bring more greyhounds to a forever home from race track kennels!

Survey Results  We sent out a survey to all registrants on October 20th.  If you did not receive one, check your spam files.  The results are in and we will be posting the results and posting our responses to questions or suggestions.   We get some of our best ideas from folks who attend our events.

We had 114 responses to our survey.  Here's what we learned...

Our first question asked how long people have attended Greyhounds Reach the Beach®. Results suggest that about 20% of our attendees attended for their first year this year, and 25% had attended 2-5 years.  About 38% have attended since 1995-2007.  What this tells us is that the belief of many "old timers,"  that most who attend the event remember the "good old days" (1995-2007) when the event was centered in Dewey Beach, may not be accurate.  More people attend Greyhounds Reach the Beach® who are fairly new to the event (45%) than those who have attended since before 2008.

Why Can't Everything be in Dewey Beach?  This brings up a suggestion we hear from time to time from the "old timers."  Why can't we have the event, with vendors, speakers and registration, all in Dewey Beach like we used to do?  To answer this question, you have to understand how the little town of Dewey Beach has changed from 1995 until today.

History  From 1995 to 2008 the event was managed by The Greyhound Project.   It was held in tents, parking lots and restaurants around the Town of Dewey Beach.  After a nor'easter blew down the vendor tents in 2007, the Greyhound Project decided to stop managing the event.  The reasons were eloquently expressed and had to do with the development of condos and hotels in Dewey Beach which diminished open areas or restaurants where the event could be held.  They also cited the difficulty of obtaining liability insurance after the tents blew down.  Thus the event officially "left" Dewey Beach with the Greyhound Project in 2008 due to the lack of available space.

Today, ten years later, Dewey Beach still offers very few suitable options for hosting the event.  We have combed through the parking lots and businesses of Dewey Beach to find a location.  We have checked with parking lot owners and real estate experts.  We have spoken to Town officials.  Condos have taken over much of the open space of the town.  Space is at a premium.  A small home in Dewey Beach will sell for over a million dollars. There is much less room now for the event than there was in 2008 when the Greyhound Project decided the town could no longer support the event.  Businesses do not want to give up their parking lot.  Many businesses do not allow dogs.

The Hyatt Place in downtown DB, perhaps the one space that is large enough to host the event, has offered us a reasonable price for their modest meeting room for 2018.  Their ballrooms next year will be priced at $20,000 ... not for the week but for one day.  Not a realistic option. 

Those who think the summer tourist season is over by Labor Day and we should be able to get bargains everywhere are misinformed.  October is peak wedding season for this beach resort, particularly for the Washinbgton, D.C. crowd.  Compared to Washington, D.C., Dewey prices are a bargain.  Prices at hotels and restaurants can be very high at this time of year.  In 2018, there will be auto races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Dover Speedway.  This will likely impact area hotel availability and prices.

E-Booklet  We asked whether or not the E-Booklet was helpful in planning your weekend.  83% of respondents felt the E-Booklet was helpful.  5.5% felt that they glanced at it but it wasn't all that helpful.  About 8% offered a comment.

Several people said they wanted the E-Booklet sooner, more than a week to ten days before the event.  The fact is, information is changing right up to the beginning of the event.  Speakers can change their minds or new speakers could decide to respond to invitations posed months earlier.  Vendors cancel or decide to attend.  Hotels get new owners and change policies.  A booklet produced a month early would be even less accurate than the booklet we create now.  We do post regular changes to the event on this Updates page so that people have new and changing information ahead of time.  Printing the E-Booklet even earlier would not help people get more accurate and correct information.

Traffic  Some folks complained that the traffic at the beach is very heavy, especially on Rt. 1.  As we indicated above, the beach is very popular at the beginning of October.   We wish there was less traffic but we unfortunately don't have that power.

Schedule Communication  Some folks wanted better communication about the event schedule.  We send out an E-booklet with a great deal of information a week before the event.  We also handed out a double-sided sheet at the registration table with schedule information.  That said, we think we can do a better job of make the schedule clearer within one section of the booklet.  Some folks said there were too many things going on for a four day weekend.  Part of the beauty of this event is that while you can't do everything, you get to chose what you do.

Food Vendors  We worked hard to arrange food vendors at Sleep Inn and at Revealtions Craft Brewery.  The vendor we had scheduled for Sleep Inn on Thursday and Friday cancelled, and we were able to replace them with another.  Then the vendor on Saturday cancelled on Saturday (truck broke down) and we had no time to make other arrangements.  Similarly, the pizza vendor scheduled at Revelations Craft Brewing cancelled before the event, but we were able to find a great replacement.  Kudoes to Sara Dougherty for finding vendors for us!

Vendors at Other Locations   Some folks wondered why some of the vendors located in Dewey Beach and at the Rehoboth fire hall were not listed in our E-Booklet.  Any vendor, no matter their location, may buy an ad in our booklet.  That said, not all choose to do so.  We feature all the vendors who buy an ad for our booklet and support the event.  We don't exclude anyone who contacts us and wants to buy an ad in our booklet.  In addition, our event booklet states that there are additional vendors in Dewey Beach and at the Rehoboth fire hall. 

More survey info to come...

  • Here's a drone video from Skyjack video at Sleep Inn from today's activities, Friday October 6th!

  • Shuttle Saturday Night  The shuttle Saturday night had twelve riders so we'll likely not offer that service next year.  It's always good to find out where people's interests are. 

  •  Registration is closed.   

  • New 2017 Shirts  If you ordered a shirt to be picked up at the event, and you forgot to pick it up or could not attend the event, please contact us to arrabge to have your shirt shipped to you!

  • Dog Licenses  Again we have an arrangement with the Town of Dewey Beach to cover all Dewey Beach dog license fees for our registrants.  All you have to do is register and we cover all your doggies for the whole event.   You do not need to buy an additional Dewey Beach dog license if you are registered for the event.  

  • Vending at Sleep Inn will open about 11AM on Thursday (10/5) and continue through Saturday for sure, with some vendors staying open through Sunday.  Vendor hours will be listed in our E-Booklet which is sent out about a week early to all registered attendees.

  • Beer & Biscuit Mixer 5PM-9PM    We plan to hold our Beer & Biscuit Mixer on Saturday night (10/7) at Revelations Craft Brewery.    We'll provide the beerglass, snacks and dog treats.  You enjoy the event.  You must wear your event ID bracelet.  DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza will be there too offering pizza and wings, so bring your appetite too!  Hounds welcome.

  • 2017 Remaining Shirts Our remaining Greyhounds Reach the Beach® shirts are  listed on our website.  We offer several styles of shirts  -- all in purple and all featuring Linda Evans spectacular logo design.  On the back it says, "It's all about the greyhounds!"

  • Tours  Our Sun Otter Tours were all filled and all had great comments from riders.  We will definitely do this again next year!

  • 2017 Cape May-Lewes Ferry Discount  We always offer a discount code for those who like to travel to southern Delaware via the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.    Your one-way discounted vehicle/driver price is $21.25 and $3.25 for each additional person age 6 and older.  (The standard rate during the summer is $37 and $10 for each additional passenger so this is a nice discount.)  Call (800) 643-3779 and use our discount code CN108434.   Please give this Group Customer Number to the Customer Service Representative when you call to make a reservation.  The Call Center is open daily from 8:00am to 6:00pm for reservations.

2018 Greyhounds Reach the Beach® Updates!​​

Greyhounds Reach the Beach® is a  registered trademark of The  Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc.  The trademark refers to the greyhound event begun in 1995, and held in Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for four days every Columbus Day weekend.   Managed by The Greyhound Project for many years, the event is now managed by The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., a Delaware registered, IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit Delaware corporation established for the benefit of greyhounds and other sighthounds.  

All proceeds from The Grapehound Wine Tour® event in New York and the Greyhounds Reach the Beach® event in Delaware go to pay for event costs and  the balance donated to participating 501(c)3 greyhound adoption organizations so that they may transport, vet, and place adopted greyhounds from race tracks around the country.  No officer or member of our Board of Directors receives any money whatsoever for our volunteer services.

Our gorgeous Greyhounds Reach the Beach® logo was designed by greyhound artist Linda K. Evans of East Clarendon, Vermont.  Linda will be exhibiting her art at Sleep Inn with about two dozen other top vendors this October.

Greyhounds Reach the  Beach®

                                 October 4-7, 2018                                      It's all about the greyhounds.©         

Order Your GRTB Shirt 

Our spectacular purple 2018 GRtB short and long-sleeved shirts with Linda Evan's art printed in six colors may now be advance ordered online by clicking above on Shop. 

Save Postage You may save postage by picking up your shirt at the Hyatt Place Hotel on Oct. 4, 5 or 6 ... or we can mail it right to your home.

Any Style Your Want Advance ordering allows you to pick short or long sleeved and ladies or universal cut to get the exact size and style you want at a pre-event discount!

Pre-orders end September 10 when we place our order.  After that, what we have in stock is what we will bring to the event.  What's left over after the event is what we will sell after the event.  Pick exactly the shirt and size you want now and we'll ship it to you by September 20th.