Greyhounds Reach the  Beach®

                                 October 5-8, 2017                                      It's all about the greyhounds.©         

Greyhounds Reach the Beach® (GRtB) was begun informally in 1995 by several friends with greyhounds who loved the beach.  It grew into a large event managed by The Greyhound Project headquartered in Boston and flourished for many years under their skillful leadership.  By 2008 the number of venues in Dewey Beach that could support the annual activities of GRtB had dwindled, partially due to the explosion of condo development in the town of Dewey Beach.  The event also experienced a setback from a terrible fall storm which blew down the vendor tents around that time, scattering vendors throughout the town and eventually driving up liability insurance costs.

The Greyhound Project gave up active management of the event shortly after, while encouraging people to continue to celebrate greyhounds informally by continuing to come to Dewey Beach every Columbus Day weekend.  Many individuals stepped up to manage individual activities from 2008 to 2014, such as walks on the beach or a booklet with vendor locations or the annual Nittany Greyhounds ice cream social.  

But attendance and vendor participation dwindled as time went on, and it became apparent to all  -- despite the best efforts of many wonderful individuals -- that the event needed a team to provide a central management approach for the weekend ... the way it used to be.   In February of 2014, The Greyhound Project's Board of Directors agreed to "let go" of Dewey and allow The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., to manage the event beginning with the event scheduled for October of 2015.  We started actively marketing the event as our own in October of 2014.  

By all accounts, the 2015 Greyhounds Reach the Beach® was a greyt success.  Once more we had top speakers from around the world and across the country.  We had great vendors in one centralized location.  We offered greyhound babysitting services.  We once again took care of the issue regarding greyhound dog licenses in Dewey Beach.  Over 680 attendees registered for the event.  The Greyhounds Reach the Beach® event is back!  WE look forward to another great well-organized event in 2016.  

The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) IRS registered charity established to benefit greyhound and sighthound adoption.  The company has managed seventeen separate greyhound events in New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware since July of 2006.   No officer or board member of The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., receives any compensation whatsoever.  All proceeds of our events -- after costs -- are donated to 501(c)3 registered greyhound adoption groups.  In 2015 The Grapehound Wine Tour made cash donations to numerous greyhound adoption charities and to the Greyhound Wellness Initiative.

In August, 2016, Greyhounds Reach the Beach® became the official trademark of The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc. 

Our goal is to combine the best of modern event management practices with the best of the old traditions of Greyhounds Reach the Beach® to make a better event for all.  

We hope that you will support our events so that we can continue to provide financial support for greyhound adoption.

The Grapehound  Wine Tour, Inc.

a Delaware registered 501(c)3 charity